Easiest Way To Mute Someone WhatsApp Status

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Easiest Way To Mute Someone WhatsApp Status: I have written some few interesting articles about WhatsApp hacks and tricks. On this article, I will like to answer questions asked by many WhatsApp users.

Many WhatsApp users have been so curious, eager and wanting to know how to mute their friends status for different reasons best known to them.

Though in this article, I will be listing some possible causes or reasons why you may want to mute your friends status or possible reasons why your friends may mute your WhatsApp status.

What WhatsApp Status Update Means

Just like Facebook stories, WhatsApp Messenger introduced the status feature on its app in early 2017. Where users are allowed to post live events, lifestyle, businesses and other interesting things on their status.

On the WhatsApp status, you are only allowed to post a total number of 30 status in a day. The status update can be photos, location, stickers and a video length of 29 seconds. You may choose to post just photos or just videos or both at once. You can only be restricted when your status update hits 30 posts.

Remember, WhatsApp is a messaging platform that lets users Text, chat and shares Media, which includes voice messages and video calling, with a person or group.

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WhatsApp is the world’s largest or world’s biggest messaging app and one of the most secure and one of the most protected ways to communicate and interact with families, friends, and loved ones.

According to ZDNet, WhatsApp said 55 billion messages are sent each day on the platform, and users also share 4.5 billion photos and one billion videos per day.

With how fun the status feature is, it’s estimated that users update at least 105billion WhatsApp status every day. Believe it when I say your status and that of your friends are among these statistics.

Just like I explained above, the WhatsApp status update can be photos, location, stickers and a video length of 29 seconds. You may choose to post just photos or just videos or both at once. You can only be restricted when your status update hits 30 posts.

Why You May End Up Muting Someone WhatsApp Status

Here are some possible reasons why you may wish to mute your friends WhatsApp status

You may choose to mute your friends status because they sometimes post too much, sometimes because they post irrelevant stuff. You may choose to mute your friends WhatsApp status because they always post things that are very annoying or does not catch your interest. This will likely lead you to mute their status.

Now let’s imagine you have such friends and you really don’t want to block them so they don’t get offended. The best way to tackle them is to mute their WhatsApp status. With this, you will no longer see their status updates on your WhatsApp status list.

Not forgetting, all thanks to the new WhatsApp update, it has been made possible to mute status, groups and even chats using Android or iPhone pending on the type of smartphone you are making use of at that moment.

Muting of WhatsApp status, chats and group are largely the same. Now, with the mute option in WhatsApp settings, you can be able to disable notifications for the chat of a group or a single individual chat.

In muting someone status, there are some necessary and important things that you need to keep in mind. For example such as the type of phone used either you are making use of an Android phone or you are making use of an iPhone.

Simple Steps On How To Mute Someone’s Status On WhatsApp On Andriod And iPhone

1. First of all, you will open WhatsApp and select status tab. When that is done, you will find it in different locations depending on the type of phone (either Android or iPhone) that you are making use of at that particular moment in time.

2. When that step has been carried, then under the status tab, swipe towards left on the desired contacts name and select mute followed by mute once more for iPhone or iPad users.

If you are making use of WhatsApp in an Android phone or device, you would have to long tap on the contacts name you desire or wish to mute their status. After that is done, you can select mute from the Pop-up options.

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That is all about muting someone’s status on WhatsApp. The selected contact’s status will be muted and at the same time, you can still mute another WhatsApp status of other friends if you desire using the same step.

If after a while and you feel you want to start seeing their status again, all you have to do is to repeat the above steps.

NOTE: When you mute your friends status, you can still chat with them.

I hope that these steps were clear, accurate and easily understood. Please let me know if you have any difficulties implementing this, I will gladly assist. Thanks for reading.

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  1. This article is giving all the information which actually I was looking for. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a comprehensive article for whatsapp status. Keep posting

      1. Hi, I am unable to unmute a contact status.
        The muted bar isn’t displaying for that contact.
        How do I go about it ?

        1. Hi, after you mute a contact(s), scroll down to the bottom (last) page of your status updates. You will see Muted Updates. Tap on it to bring down the lists of your contacts that you muted their status. Long press on any one of them and tap on unmute

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