Facebook Web App Is Rolling Out Dark Mode By Invitation

Facebook Web App Is Rolling Out Dark Mode By Invitation:

Facebook seems to be putting serious efforts into implementing the dark mode feature to all its apps.

First, it was the messenger app, then Instagram, followed by the Facebook lite app and then WhatsApp of recent.

Recall that the official Facebook mobile app is still in the development stage of test running the dark mode. You can only notice this when you swipe or navigate to the video tab.

Mark and his team are doing their possible best to give users that desired dark theme they are craving for maybe that’s why they don’t really want to rush the whole process.

Just yesterday, 13th March 2020 Facebook started rolling out the dark mode for its web app users.

But hey don’t get too excited, this feature is only strictly by invitation.

Facebook Web Dark Mode By Invitation

Wondering what this means? Did your friend Facebook Web app get the dark mode feature and you are still stock with the boring old Facebook Web app look? Did you in any way get an invitation from Facebook asking you to check out the new Facebook web design?

facebook dark mode web app

Well, answering the above questions, what this simply means to those who got the invitation, it means that Facebook found you worthy to be among the first users to experience the new look. This is probably because you are a heavy user of the Facebook web app.

Answering the above questions still to those who did get the invitation, this simply means that you are not selected among those to experience this new look rather, you would be among those who would experience it after the testing is over (general users).

How to use dark mode on Facebook web app by invitation

if you got the invitation, all you need to do to enjoy this feature is by following this simple step below.

Click on this link facebook.com/new.

Note: You can access it only if you got the invite.

Users who didn’t get the invite, when you click the above link, it would show you a broken link error.

When Will Facebook Roll Out Dark Mode For All It Web App Users?

With the consistent efforts put in by Mark and his team, the dark mode feature would be rolled out in a few month’s time. This time around both the official mobile app would get this feature too.

As at when this article is written, no specific date is mentioned. keep refreshing this page for a future update.

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