Facebook Has Rolled Out Dark Mode To Its Lite App

Facebook Has Rolled Out Dark Mode To Its Lite App: Dark Mode Is not Yet Available On The Official App:

The dark mode is no doubt the future now as every app developer now has the dark theme feature at heart in order to satisfy its users.

The owner of the largest social media network, Mark Zukerberg giant, is doing amazingly well when it comes to connecting the world through Facebook.

Mark has successfully linked all his apps, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp together. Not everyone would know this unless you are a pro user of these social networks.

In recent updates, you can now share your WhatsApp status directly to your Facebook stories and through Instagram, you can easily share your posts and stories directly to your Facebook timeline, pages or even stories. This is an amazing development from Mark.

Another area where Mark is paying close attention to is the Dark mode feature. Mark has successfully added Dark mode for Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and now to the Facebook app. Though, the dark mode is not yet rolled out to the official Facebook app but the Lite version.

The Dark mode is concerned at saving your device battery and prevent your eyes from excessive white brightness which can be very harmful to the health of your eyes.

Dark mode doesn’t just protect your eyesight and save battery life, it also makes the app look premium and user-friendly.

Since the release of Andriod 10, most Google apps automatically started rocking dark mode for a while, but the biggest social media platform Facebook is yet to bring the feature to it over 2billion users. Though last year November 2019, Facebook tried to roll out the dark theme on its main app, all of a sudden nobody knew what happened to the invention till today.

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All hopes are not lost though as I’m pretty sure that Facebook would still release the dark theme. Maybe they are just taking their time to give out the best dark mode for its app unlike WhatsApp dark mode that was just recently released for beta testers, it really sucks because it does not look like a dark theme at all, rather it was a dark green theme.

Meanwhile, the lighter version of the Facebook app “Facebook Lite” now has the official Dark mode feature. All users of Facebook lite can now enjoy it.

In this article, I will be teaching you how to activate the dark mode on Facebook Lite app.

How To Set Up Dark Mode For Facebook Lite App

NOTE: The Dark Theme feature is not yet available for the main Facebook app. It’s only available for the Facebook Lite version.

To activate the Dark Mode feature, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Download “Facebook Lite” App

Step 2: Launch the Facebook Lite App

Step 3: Tap on the 3 horizontal lines that shows your profile

Step 4: Scroll down, just after the settings tab, you will see “Dark Mode”

Step 5: Toggle on the “Dark Mode”

Watch a video demonstration on how to set up Dark Mode ion Facebook Lite


After the above steps are carried out, you can now enjoy the official dark mode feature. If you have any difficulty doing this, kindly use the comment section for quick assistance.

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