Facebook Launches Native Messenger App For MacOS And Windows

Facebook launches Messenger app for macOS and Windows worldwide: Giant social networking platform, Facebook just launched a new messenger app.

This may sound weird as you would be thinking, what messenger app again? This time Facebook is launching a native messenger app for desktop and laptop users and it’s officially made available for macOS and Windows operating systems.

This is not like Facebook Dating which was launched for just specific regions like the United States Of America (USA). Facebook Messenger app for macOS and Windows is launched globally which means every country that supports facebook can enjoy the new app and all its features.

When Will Facebook Messenger For macOS and Windows Be launched?

The launch was done today, 2nd April 2020. Mark Zukerberg made this special announcement on his personal Facebook profile.

Announcing the news, her as what Mark posted:

We’re all looking for more ways to be together even while we’re physically apart. So today we’re launching native Messenger apps for macOS and Windows. Group video calls and messages on our apps have surged — Messenger use on desktop has more than doubled in the last month. These new native apps will make the experience a lot better. I hope you enjoy!

facebook messenger app for windows
Photo Credit: Facebook

How To Install Facebook Messenger App For macOS and Windows

To get the new messenger app, all you have to do is to visit https://www.messenger.com/desktop using your windows or ios laptop/desktop device, allow it to download and install, then input your Facebook username and password.

install messenger desktop

What inspired Facebook Messenger App For macOS and Windows

Following up with tech news, Facebook has announced in the previous year on its plans to launch its favorite and most-used apps on the desktop platform.

For users who knows how to navigate the Facebook web version very well, I’m sure you must be aware of the pre-existing messenger feature which can be accessed when you tap on the messenger icon and then click on “See All In Messenger”

messenger for macOS
Messenger app through Facebook web

The above image shows how you can access the messenger app through the Facebook web version. But in this case, the messenger app is now an independent app that pre-exists on its own. It was built from scratch and amazing features were added.

The new Messenger Desktop and Laptop app enable users to make a video call on a much wider screen. This will play a major role in group video calls as friends can now communicate conveniently unlike on a smaller smartphone screen.

One of the major reasons for the messenger desktop app is for a better video calling experience. If you choose to text your friends it’s possible too as everything is just like the mobile Facebook Messenger app but this time with even more advanced features. Once you get new messages, you will get a push notification to alert you.

Did The COVID-19 Outbreak Play Any Role In The Launch Of Facebook Messenger App For Windows And macOS?

From statistics recorded, Facebook reported over 70% of people (family and friends) who communicated through video calls due to lockdown in various countries. Family and friends who were separated because of the virus kept in touch through a Facebook video call.

With the launch of the macOS and windows messenger app, family and friends can now have a convenient video calling experience.

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