This Is How Much Will It Cost You To Replace iPhone 11 screen?

How much will it cost to replace iPhone 11 screen?: Mobile phones popularly called handphones have come to stay and from inception, the technology has kept on improving so much so that they now have state-of-the-art features and functions that are simply unbelievable.

Apple’s iPhone 11 which is built with 3D glass,  reputed to be the toughest glass of all glasses, is one such remarkable masterpiece.

This prompted the manufacturers, Apple, to claim at the launching of the iPhone 11 that the phone can take whatever is thrown at it and by whoever.

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Regardless of these claims,, however, the phone is still susceptible to the frailties that besiege all other gadgets and products of technology; the screen can get cracked, the phone can refuse to function as it is supposed to of its own accord, and lots more.

Since these failings are commonplace and unavoidable, how much does it cost to replace its broken screen, if that eventually happens? 

In the event that you have to replace an iPhone 11 screen, it is likely going to cost you about one-third of the price you paid for the new phone.

Going by the information provided on the Apple Support page, the screen repair cost of this phone is almost 329 dollars out of the warranty screen repair cost.

Where the repair of a broken iPhone 11 screen is undertaken without any warranty cover, it is very likely going to cost much more than that. 

Can the iPhone glass screen be replaced?

Yes, the iPhone glass screen can be replaced. However, note that the earpiece speaker of the phone and the sensor assembly fixed to the back cover of the screen are allied to your individual phone from the factory.

This also contains your flood illuminator which is a part of the biometric Face ID security feature of the phone.

Once this face ID feature is broken, it will take only Apple’s authorized technicians to replace it and restore the face ID function. Any screen replacement should thus be undertaken with the extreme of care.

How long does it take to replace an iPhone 11 screen?

Replacing a broken iPhone 11 screen and how long the whole process takes depend on quite a few factors such as the extent or degree of the damage and also who is undertaking the repairs.

For instance, in addition to the screen, other parts such as the Face ID feature may also be affected which will obviously lengthen the repair time.

There is also the issue of who is doing the repairs; Apple’s authorized technicians, who have all the tools necessary and are experts in this kind of thing, take a shorter time to replace the cracked screen compared to other technicians who have less sophisticated tools and are also not very trained.

However, all things being equal, the replacement of a cracked screen can take anything between a couple of hours to a few days depending on the extent of the damage.

Remember that iPhone repairs must not be hurried considering the sensitive components you are dealing with or else you risk much more serious damage, in addition to that which you are dealing with.

Is the iPhone 11 screen that bad?

Not at all, it is not. This is because the screen of this phone is built using what is arguably the toughest glass available.

Regardless of this, however, accidents do happen and the glass may still get unavoidably broken. Despite this possibility, the phone can still withstand what most other phones can’t survive.

This is another way of saying that it takes a very hard knock against a very tough object to crack the screen of an iPhone 11.

Essentially, we are attesting to the fact that the iPhone 11 screen still stands as about the toughest and most durable screen that ever accompanies any mobile phone, but like it was stated earlier, accidents do happen and nothing is really quite indestructible.

Not even the so-called diamonds that are said to be forever, right?

Does iPhone 11 screen break easily?

No, it doesn’t. Quite unlike all other phones on the market, the iPhone 11 mobile phone is equipped with parts and components that are adjudged to be the best that you can get anywhere.

These phones come with screens that are designed using 3D glass which is known to be the hardest glass you can find anywhere.

Ordinary falls on not-so-hard objects that are likely to damage other phones do little or no harm whatsoever to an iPhone.

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To get your iPhone screen broken, it must make very hard contact with an equally very hard surface. However, you can rest assured that the phone screen is able to withstand what all other phones simply can’t. And for the price you are paying for it, it should or better still, it must.

Are there any problems with iPhone 11?

There is no gadget of technology that is devoid of problems of its own, one way or another, but some items have much more problems than others.

However, these seemingly fragile items can be easily identified because in most cases they sell for much cheaper.

For what it is worth, always be wary of products that are sold at prices that are simply almost a giveaway.

These reduced prices are accompanied, in most cases, by fragility, non-performance, and unreliability.

Common complaints about the iPhone 11 include the failure of some users to turn the phone off as easily as they do with other less complicated phones.

This in itself is certainly not a problem especially since the phone can easily and quickly be turned off reminiscent of all other phones, but you simply have to apply the right steps.

However, what may be seen as a problem with the phone is reflective of its complex nature. This problem, if you can call it that, has to do with taking absolute care when attempting to fix certain problems with the phone or else you may trigger even much bigger problems than the one you are trying to solve.

Outside this, the iPhone 11 is simply pretty cool for a mobile phone. You certainly don’t expect anything less for the bill you are picking in buying this phone, do you? I guess not too.

Should I buy a screen protector for iPhone 11?

The best protection you can give the screen of your phone against any undue damage really is to cover it with a screen protector and luckily there are various makes, colors, and designs of these whenever and wherever you want them. The Maxboost Screen Protector is highly recommended.

Like with all other phones, you can protect the screen of your iPhone 11 by using a protector, but preferably you should use one which will completely encapsulate the phone thereby giving it all-around protection such as OtterBox Defender Series Case.

Other very good protectors in which you can easily slip the phone are available on the market, simply make your choice and save the phone.

Why can’t I turn off my iPhone 11?

The best way to take care of an iPhone 11 that fails to turn off is not much different from what you do to switch off other phones and this is by simply restarting the phone.

In most cases, this procedure resolves the issue instantly. However,  where this technique fails to work, then you should try seeing a certified technician to find out what the problem really is, but avoid applying logic or any trials-and-error methods to turn it off unless you are itching to buy a new phone and I doubt that you are.

Where the phone, on the other hand, fails to turn on, try to restart it too and see whether the complaint is resolved. If this fails, then you may try charging the phone since the battery might have been drained.

If after all these you are not successful, plug the phone into a computer to see whether iTunes recognize the phone. If it is recognized, back it up before you get any repairs on it.

Recommended products.

Having discussed thus far, it is only logical that we introduce to you some products which are as good as described and which will give you the satisfaction you deserve and prove that money is well spent.

In addition to their top-notch properties and remarkable durability, all their accessories are equally very available for ease of repairs and maintenance. Some of these items are:

1. Apple iPhone 11 Pro, 64 GB, Space Gray- Fully Unlocked.



  • This phone has been tested and certified by qualified suppliers and has no visible imperfections even when held at an arm’s length.
  • It is eligible for a replacement or complete refund even three months after purchase.
  • The phone is compatible with any carrier or network provider of your choice such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, Cricket, and all others.
  • It has been tested for battery health and is guaranteed to possess a battery capacity of up to 80 percent or more.

2. LifeProof FRE SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone 11- FIRE SKY(BLUEBIRD/TANGERINE).



  • This iPhone case and protector are compatible with all iPhone 11 only.
  • It is both water and snow-resistant.
  • The case is shockproof which means it can withstand drops from up to 66 meters.
  • It is assured to give complete protection to your phone against the most common threats.
  • It is sold subject to a one-year limited warranty.


Mobile or handphones have certainly come to stay judging by the pivotal roles they play in our lives so far. In fact, you will not be wrong at all should you say that our lives will all but become meaningless should there be no phones anymore!

To further buttress this stand is the fact that these wonderful devices are now the sole means of livelihood and survival to most of the ever-increasing population of humans on earth.

These gadgets have found their way into practically every aspect of our lives, from communication, household wares, automobiles, music, business dealings, and down to whatever it is we indulge in.

Not only do phones play a role in all that we do, but they also dictate how these things must be done, determine whether they succeed or not, and also when they do that or why!

We simply can’t live in a world without phones. Yes, we can’t! To think of how we were able to carry on in life without them before their invention a few years back is simply unimaginable or maybe even scary.

How did we do it, how was it that we lived and were even happy without them, what made life worth living then? There is an endless question on this issue, but thankfully, all that is now behind us.

I would make bold to posit that man has been in what we call the stone age until the advent of the mobile phone.

The stone age was not just when we were covering our genitals with reeds when we were going about barefooted, when we were making fires with stones and twigs, no.

The stone age was that period we managed to survive when there were no computers and mobile phones.

Simple. Whoever lived and died before these wonder of wonders, lived and died during the stone age.

Yes, you are right, we were still in the stone age just less than two or three decades ago!

Thank goodness we are among those who are blessed and favored enough to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

Some light, some tunnel, and I, for one, is grateful to see it and I know so are you. Bonjour monsieur.

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