Facebook Pages Manager: How To Post On The New Update

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Facebook Pages Manager: How To Post On New Update: As a page owner, to get the best experience of your page(s), it’s advised you make use of the Facebook page manager app.

it’s easy, swift and convenient to use. Using Facebook pages manager saves you the stress of accessing your pages through your Facebook profile all the time.

With the Facebook pages manager app, you can manage and handle all your pages in a more advanced way.

What Is The Facebook Page Manager App?

Facebook Pages Manager is an app developed by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. The app was built to aid page owners to easily manage all their pages in one place.

The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Features Of Facebook Pages Manager App

The Facebook pages manager is an amazing app with wonderful features. In fact with this app, you may even forget about the official Facebook app when it comes to handling your pages activities.

Find out the features of Facebook page manager below;

4 Key Features Of Facebook Pages Manager

1. Posting Text:

With the Facebook pages manager, you can easily write and post texts directly to your page.

2. Posting Photos/Videos:

Sharing of photos and videos are not left out when using the Facebook pages manager app. You can easily share any amount of photos and any kind of video without a glitch.

3. Creating Of Events:

You no longer need to go under your Facebook profile to search for the event tab. With the Facebook pages manager app, you can easily create live or upcoming events and have your fans ready or notified about your it.

4. Running Promotions:

You can run Facebook ads directly from the Facebook pages manager app. Hence you are good at creating promotional posts, then with pages manager, you can conveniently run your ads and get more leads.

Other Features Of Facebook Pages Manager

1. Add to story
2. Upload new profile/cover photo
3. Invite Friends to like your page
4. Page Insights
5. Inbox Messages/Comments
6. Notifications
7. Page Settings

Facebook pages manager used to be very easy to use until the recent updates (version Some few changes were made especially on how to post photos/videos.

On the old update, to post photos/videos on the app, all you need to do is tap on “Post pencil icon”, select the photo or video you wish to upload, the app will automatically resize it and make it ready for publishing.

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On the new update, you have to be conversant with posting on Instagram before you could use it else everything will look confusing.

In this article, I will be teaching you how to post photos/videos or text on the new Facebook Pages Manager app.

How To Post Texts, Photos/Videos On The New Facebook Pages Manager App

To post on the new Facebook pages manager, follow these steps below;

Step 1: Tap on the post tab with a “Pencil icon”, if it’s a photo or video that you want to post, select the particular photo or video. If you are uploading more than one photo or video, tap on the multiple “square box” to enable you to select more than one photo or video

Step 2: Tap on the greater than, less than (< >) symbol to resize the photo/video in order to fit in.

Step 3: Tap on “Next”. If it’s a photo or video, you will be prompted to “add a text” (caption).

Step 4: If it’s just text that you want to post, Tap on the post tab with a “Pencil icon” and then tap on the alphabetical icon (Aa). Click on “next” to enable you to write or paste your text. Tap on “Ok”, then tap on “next”.

Step 5: Tap on the “publish button” below.

Note: You have the option to “Post Now” or “Schedule Later”.


Facebook implemented the Instagram format of posting to its Pages Manager app.

You need a piece of knowledge on how to post on Instagram in order to conveniently use the new pages manager.

Following the steps listed above, you can now easily post on the new Facebook pages manager app on your Android and iOS smartphones.

Watch a video description on how to post photos/videos on the new Facebook pages manager app.

If you still have any difficulty, kindly use the comment section for assistance.

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