Mark Zuckerberg Launches Facebook News

Mark Zuckerberg Launches Facebook News: Journalism has come to stay. The news media plays an important role in society and it has the power to build and destroy.

Facebook is the most popular platform where news channels share their news in other to get a wider audience.

Most unprofessional news brands and journalists have abused the profession by reporting fake news and spreading news which is capable of causing panic in society.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zukerberg in a quest to censor the kind of news shared on Facebook for better user experice has decided to launch Facebook news where according to Mark, news publishers and journalists can share quality news such as Entertainment, sports, politics, etc.

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Mark has set up a new tab on the mobile app known as “Facebook New”. Under this tab, you can see news selected from top platforms which Mark believed to be serving accurate and current news.

According to Mark, “Facebook news” has been launched in the United States of America (USA). Subsequently, Facebook would be rolling out new updates to other countries in the world that would contain the Facebook News tab.

Read below the official note from Facebook CEO, Mark Zukerberg:

I’ve been talking to news publishers and journalists for a few years about how we can do more to support high-quality journalism on Facebook. Today, I’m excited to announce what we’ve been working on together: Facebook News.

It’s a new tab dedicated to high-quality news and personalized to your interests. Our goal is to feature publishers covering a range of topics like science, entertainment, and politics. We’re launching it today starting in the US.

Journalism is important for our democracy and for making progress on issues together. But the internet has disrupted the traditional business model for news, so I believe the major internet services have a responsibility to partner with news publishers to build sustainable long-term models to fund this important work. I hope our work honors and supports the contribution journalists make to our society.

I’ll discuss this live with News Corp CEO Robert Thompson at 10 am PT /1 pm ET. Tune in then to learn more.

Watch the video below:

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