MiUi: How To Set Up Full Screen Gesture

How To Set Up Full-Screen Gesture On Redmi Devices: Tired of using the native navigation button on your android smartphone? I know how boring it could be stuck up with the native navigation button.

Sometimes I see how some android users wish they could have a full-screen gesture like that on iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 11pro, and that of android 10 devices.

Unfortunately, not all smartphone makers have this feature, but good news for MIUI users, they are privileged to enjoy this feature.

What Is MIUI

If you still don’t know what MIUI means, it is an Andriod-based operating system specially designed for Xiaomi devices. MIUI is pronunciation: Me You and I. The OS is developed by a Chinese electronics manufacturer.

If you are reading this, then I am guessing you are a Mi user, and this process shouldn’t be hard for you as it involves simple steps that should be followed orderly.

Finding it difficult to set up a full-screen gesture on your MIUI device?.  But first, let us find out what full-screen gestures are before going on to enable/activate it.

What Is Full-Screen Gesture

Swipe gestures, as it also called, seems like the other significant trends in the past 12 months (behind the notch and dropping the headphone jack). Recently, Xiaomi’s devices adopted swipe gestures as an alternative to Android’s standard navigation keys.

Full-screen gestures also referred to as on-screen gestures, that enable the user to use specific finger movements in a touch display (not only phones) to trigger different actions.

You don’t have to wait for the Android nine (9 pie) or Andriod (10) update to get navigation gestures. Even users who do have the update but prefer full-screen gestures instead of the navigation bar can now get them on their MIUI devices.

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Everyone in the Android world, if you agree with me, has been implementing their own versions of navigation gestures.

Why? Because OEMs were smart enough to realize a lot of users will now want full-screen navigation gestures on their android devices, since the envy of full-screen display, 18.9 and 19.9 Aspect Ratio, the need to remove the native three on-screen button in Android device have been something worth doing to get a bigger display.

You will agree with me that this feature is really cool, easy to operate as you won’t have to deal with any obstruction when you want a full view of an object or video on your smartphone, you can conveniently do away with those three on-screen native buttons on your MIUI devices and make do a more accessible and more efficient method.

You need to know that Xiaomi brought this to its devices with on-screen buttons in a recent update, MiUi 9.5. However, not all devices can use this feature as a few requirements need to be followed.

What do gestures do?

Once you have tapped the full-screen gesture option, your phone will pop up with a window, asking if you would like to learn these gestures. We would recommend giving this tutorial a go. It is straightforward. If you’re a first-timer, I will suggest you take your time and go through the tutorial here are some little pointers.

  •  Swipe up from the bottom of the screen – Go to Home Screen
  • Swipe up and pause in the middle of the screen – Go to recent apps tabs/multitasking window.
  • Either swipe From the right, the way to the left – Go to the previous screen Or swipe from the left, all the way to the right.

Requirements To Use The Full-screen Gesture

  • Your MIUI Device Must Have The Feature: First, your device must have an on-screen button that put only a handful of their new and recent inventions in the category, namely the Redmi 5 Plus, Redmi Note6/pro, Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, and MiMix2s.
  • Must-Have These MIUI Devices: Newer entries like the Mi8, Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. Redmi6/Redmi6 pro, MiMax3, and even Redmi6A should also be compatible.
  • Running These Version Of MIUI OS: If you have MiUi 9.5 or MiUi 10, then you should be good to go.

Xiaomi has previously said it doesn’t have plans to bring these gestures to 16.9 devices such as the Redmi Note4, Redmi 4A, and other legacy phones. If you have got any of the listed phones above, then you can activate this feature, but first, you will need to update to MiUi 9.5 or higher like earlier stated.

Once you are updated and intrigued by the new navigation method, then you are in luck as we will be sharing simple steps of how to activate it.

How To Set Up Full-Screen Gesture On Redmi Devices

Enabling full-screen gestures, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to your phone “Settings”: The first step to enable gestures on Xiaomi phones is to visit setting

Step 2: Tap on “Full-screen display”

Step 3: From here, tap the screenshot on the right with the on/off switch labeled Full-screen gestures. I know for sure you will be asking what the gestures do well here it is.

Watch the video guide how to set up full-screen gesture on the MIUI below:

That is quite simple. It is pretty much how to set up or enable a full-screen gesture on your Xiaomi. Easy right.

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