12 reasons why people prefer Facebook over Instagram

12 reasons why people think Facebook is better than Instagram: Facebook is one of the online social media and social networking service that unite the world and enables individuals to fabricate network.

Obviously, individuals use Facebook to remain associated and refreshed with occasions going on the planet, to share and express what is important to them.

Nevertheless, Facebook is viewed as one of the enormous four innovation organizations among others.

Instagram is likewise an online social media and social networking service. It is the trending internet-based life, yet the vast majority appear to lean toward Facebook over it.

In any case, I’ll be sharing reasons why more people prefer Facebook to Instagram. Trust me! You would prefer not to miss this, all you have to do, read on.

Why people prefer Facebook over Instagram

1. In terms of business, Facebook is better than Instagram. On Instagram, you have to be very popular with thousands of followers to get your business or product through stories or just normal promo post. While on Facebook, you can market your product which will get to many people as you demand and it will get you somewhere.

2. Facebook has different features such as apps, games, etc. You have your own wall and your own profile, where you post pictures, videos and statuses. You have friends and followers, unlike Instagram where people can only follow you and you follow them back.

3. Most people prefer Facebook to Instagram because Facebook is a lot easier to operate and also the rate of interaction on Facebook is higher than that of Instagram.

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4. Facebook has more participants compared to Instagram and the cost of surfing on Facebook is lesser, while Instagram consumes a lot of data.

5. Facebook offers more than Instagram can. Instagram is intended for users to share pictures, it is known as photo album rather than for profile and news feed like Facebook.

6. Facebook is considered as an essential tool to spread the latest global news in a second.

People will react to the news posted by BBC or CNN via Facebook within a few minutes rather than waiting for news on Instagram.

7. Facebook has a larger audience. If a group of people is asked if they are on Facebook, the majority, if not all will say ‘yes’. But if they are asked if they are on Instagram, you will discover that only a few will say ‘yes’.

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8. Facebook allows you to target your users based on age, gender, location, and demographics.

9. Through a Facebook Messenger, you can chat for free but it can’t be so on Instagram. Also pictures, videos can also be sent and we can also do a video chat.

10. On Facebook, our loved ones can easily be searched. It helps people connect with long lost friends and create new friends. Groups and pages can also be created. The reverse is the case on Instagram.

11. Facebook already has a lot of users before Instagram came to be. It is easier to navigate than Instagram.

12. It is easier to promote and keep track of happenings on Facebook than on Instagram.

In conclusion, Facebook and Instagram are amazing social media which is known all over the world. Nevertheless, most people prefer the former to the latter. Some of the reasons are mentioned above.

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