How to set up dark mode in Facebook messenger

How to set up dark mode in Facebook messenger: Facebook, as we all know, is one of the most popular, social networking websites.

Facebook is not complete or rather should I say fun without interacting with friends. This is made possible with the aid of Facebook messenger which allows you to communicate with people for different reasons and purpose depending on what you have in mind.

It could be for business purposes, it could be to look out for old and new friends, it could be for just fun e.t.c. You can also use the messenger to read your phone text messages.

If you use Facebook messenger often, you would know that on default the app comes on a white mode complemented with blue texts interface. Though Facebook messenger has an option to change conversation color for each of your friends.

How tasking could this be? Well, it seems Facebook feels the white mode interface is the best and looks more premium that’s why they decided to leave it so at default.

But if you make your findings online, you would notice that most online users prefer most apps they use on dark mode instead of any other default interface.

The dark mode is believed to be more secure and also healthy for the eyes. Not forgetting, Dark mode helps the phone battery to last longer as it’s believed that on dark mode, the battery is well optimized.

Now back to the topic…

How to simply set up dark mode on Facebook messenger

What does dark mode on Facebook messenger mean? Dark mode on Facebook messenger simply changing the default white and blue colored interface to a black.

It’s quite simple but many people don’t know this so they rather and prefer using the default interface.

Facebook Messengers dark mode is a true black interface, unlike other dark mode designs that are a dark gray. This means that the Dark mode is the best of its kind.

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It is no longer news that the new Facebook messenger dark mode has been circulating for quite some time now and it has made so many Facebook subscribers be more curious to know how to set up dark mode on Facebook messenger.

Setting up dark mode in Facebook Messenger is not that complicated or hard but pretty simple and easy. You might be thinking where do I start from? But hey! You don’t need to worry anymore.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger

With the following steps, you will successfully set up a dark mode on your Facebook messenger.

Note: With the current Facebook messenger update, the following steps have been tested by me and many other people and it worked perfectly okay without any glitch.

5 Simple Steps To Turn On/Off Dark Mode On Facebook Messenger

Step 1:

You need to have Facebook messenger installed on your Andriod device or iOS should in case you don’t have it already.

Step 2:

Log in to your Facebook messenger account. In most cases, if you are already signed into your Facebook account, you would be automatically asked to continue as yourself (Your name will be displayed and you would be asked to tap continue or not you).

Step 3:

Look at the top left side of your screen, you would find a small round circle which contains your profile picture (If you have any). It’s just right behind the body written “Chats”. Click on it.

Step 4:

The process done in step 3 will show you your profile picture surrounded by the messenger icon, down below it, you would see your name boldly written, then you will find Dark mode. encoded with a black (dark) moon emoji. On default, it’s turned off.

Step 5:

Tap on black (dark) moon emoji to turn on Dark mode on Facebook messenger.

Note you can reverse this change by following the same step if you find out you don’t like the dark mode.

Watch the video guide below:

So guys that is it. I hope this works for you. If you have any difficulty, kindly use the comment section or the contact page. Thanks for reading.

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