7 Simple Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Android Smartphone

7 simple tips to get the most out of your Android smartphone: Your smartphone contains more secrets than you imagine.

These tips and tricks will allow you to exploit the potential, with or without applications. All the items that are presented below can be done easily, no great knowledge of Android is needed.

1. Use the native file explorer

You probably do not need a file manager. Enter the settings and look for “Storage and Memory”, then “Storage and USB” (“Files”, on Android Pie). In the end, you will find the menu that will allow you to access the file explorer.

2. Connect faster to your wireless networks

Did you know that you can connect to WiFi networks without having to type the password? There is a button on the router that avoids having to enter the long password.

Sometimes you find written WPS / Reset on it.

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The acronym refers to Wi-Fi Protected Setup which allows you to connect the router with the smartphone for a short time while it is configured for this mode.

Enter the WiFi options, select “Advanced” and click “Use WPS”. The connection should be done in a few seconds.

3. Accelerate the animations

Enter the developer options and look for the “Animation Time Scale”. Set the value to 0.5. Thus, menus open twice as fast and the smartphone is more responsive.

4. Place the settings on the Home screen

Do you use some (very) settings regularly? Whether Dual SIM management, Bluetooth or WiFi, you can create a shortcut for your home screen. Go to the widgets and look for Settings (1×1) then associate the shortcut to the item you want.

On some interfaces the path may change, it may happen that when you make a long press on your home screen you directly see the icon shortcuts, you just have to enter the category settings and look for what that interests you.

5. Use the smartphone with the mouse

Your screen is broken? Plug in a mouse! All you need is an OTG cable and you can use it. With this adapter, you can also connect joysticks, USB sticks and much more.

6. Use the features deployed in Android updates

When you make big updates, you may not see the new features that are worthy of note. Each Android version brings a lot of news, all are not visible but overall they are worth the detour (otherwise they would not be implemented!).

7. Use secret codes

Smartphone manufacturers and phone operators allow you to use codes that you have to type in your smartphone to access certain information.

They allow you, for example, to deactivate your answering machine, display the IMEI number or access secret menus.

We have obviously listed all these secret codes Android. Do you know of other tips that deserve to be included in this list?

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