Skills Needed For Instagram Marketing In 2020

Skills Needed For Instagram Marketing In 2020: Social media marketing from outside looks like a child’s play, but on the backend, a lot goes into every account you visit.

From product presentation to persuasion, to result from analysis and copywriting and much more.

If you wish to excel as a page manager, either for your account, or for clients, here are some basic skills you need, and why you must grab them.

7 Skills needed for Instagram Marketing

1. Copywriting skill:

This skill comes on the top of our list because it encompasses audience profiling, understanding clients’ pain point and creating offers. Truth is if you fail to understand what your audience wants to hear, and how they want to hear it, you will suck at social media management.

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2. Basic graphic design skill:

Since visuals sell more on social media, basic graphic design is essential if you wish to appeal to your audience.

To make things a little further, learn the basics of Photoshop and apply it in simple tools like CANVA.

3. Videography/editing:

Your audience is too lazy to read, the majority of them prefer to consume video content. No wonder video ads convert more than text-based ads.

Apart from how your audience consumes content, videos are faster to make, grabs attention, and is the foundation of content re-purposing.

4. Basic result analysis:

You can not run an account without interpreting results. What are people liking, why are they liking it, why do I have the low reach, why are they saving this?

For example, if I get a tonne of saves, this post type is good for you. That my friend is the basics of result analysis.

5. Persuasion:

The main goal of starting a business account is to double your revenue. But nobody buys without persuasion. If you want people to beg and pay you, be ready to say sweet stuff in their ears until they buy. LEARN PERSUASION

6. An eye for details and listening:

You want to understand your audience to excel at creating offers, engaging content, and closing sales in The DM. Thus 6 is essential.

7. The subtle act of not giving a concern:

A lot will be said. Your clients will call you names, even those you’ve helped will block you. You need to grow a thick skin and give deaf ears.

If you arm yourself with these 7 skills, you can manage any account and get great results in 30 days. Cheers!

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