SpaceX Can Provide Satellite Internet To Consumers In The Mid 2020s

SpaceX Can Provide Satellite Internet To Consumers In The Mid 2020s: SpaceX may have left Star Link Internet satellites in orbit, but the company has not yet provided satellite Internet services to its customers.

Consumers will have to wait a little longer in this regard. Company President Gwyn Shotwell told the media that he hopes to provide American customers with satellite internet by mid-2020.

It depends on the number of satellites in orbit of the earth, he said. For this, the company will have to send another 6 to 8 space missions. They said that at this stage they could not explain the cost and their plans. It will be a part.

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Company President Gwyn Shotwell added that they have requested to launch 30,000 additional satellites.

This does not mean that Space X will launch them all. They said that with 24 launches, they would cover the planet Earth. In addition to Quinn, Alan Musk also told the media that Space X was part of the US Air Force’s aircraft. To have encrypted Internet service experiences.

In addition to SpaceX, Amazon also wants to launch broadband satellites. OneWeb and Alphabet are also working to provide Internet services from space or space. If Space X delayed delivering satellite Internet services to its customers, the company would not be able to gain a major share in the market.

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