88 Replies to “How TO Start A WhatsApp TV In 2022 And Make At Least N50, 000 Monthly”

      1. Gud day to u sir, pls hw will i be paid after all the registrations, that is, after paying for the eBook and starting the whatsapp business, hw will I get paid?

      1. I bought your ebook and now I’m successfully running my own TV, REDDISH TV ????
        Its one of the *BEST* *WHATSAPP TVs in* *NIGERIA*???????? with *MUCH* *Status views* ???? and unlimited fun ????????,memes,twerk videos, News updates ????????massive Giveaways???????????? Top class advertisement and hookups with your dream lover ???? We look forward working with you as Family* ????❤,????contents at night,trending gist,MCM/WCW

        Thanks for your guide.

  1. I have already done all you’ve listed above, but my problem right now is how to get subscribers to this WhatsApp Tv

      1. Nice article sir. But my question is for you to earn, do I send my account number to WA business or d people I am advertising their products?

  2. I Really need this e book but my problem is I don’t have the money now due to the virus which can’t allow me to work ????????

    1. Glad you love the article, I would advise you to save up because this would go along way to grow you financially. WhatsApp TV is becoming so rampant. Try to be among those who would benefit from it.

    2. Please guide me privately
      I opened up to 3 TV but always get banned but I think it because I use two WhatsApp on a phone
      Please I need help

  3. Can I install WhatsApp TV on my existing WhatsApp and backup the pre- existing chats, files and others and restore it the new WA TV.

  4. Nice guide. So this ebook contains what I need without any extra spendings (excluding data subscription)?

    Also, can I use a modded WhatsApp, like say, GBwhatsapp? I’m a fan of modded whatsapp.

  5. I don’t have up to 40 contacts. How is this possible with ebook? I hope I don’t get to start looking for more contact after getting the ebook ?

  6. Wow. This is indeed a nice article. I was asked by my Blog Fan on how to make money through WhatsApp TV and your website has helped… Thanks bro.

  7. Hmm, I thought as much. I just wanted to read and be sure that is only through adverts and sponsored post that money comes in as an influencer or probably other contracts involved. Thanks for your knowledge.

      1. What if I have lots of people contact and they don’t have mine how will they be able to view my status

  8. Wow i love this write up i just launched a new Whatsap tv please have dm you on WhatsApp i will need your guidance and also the pdf

  9. Can one use an iPhone to run a WhatsApp tv?!
    Cause I have heard of people who say android is better to run WhatsApp tv.

  10. Nice one, have not heard of this, someone told me I need to advertise on Whatsapp tv and I Google it to know more. Am satisfied

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