The Google Play Store Is Updated With Four New settings

The Google Play Store Is Updated With Four New settings: Google has updated its app and game store, the Google Play Store, with settings to control our ads preferences, lists and more.

Google has turned your mobile app store into a monster. Since the birth of the Android Market, the changes in the interface have been capitalized, but also in the available options.

We have gone from being able to install applications and games to run trial versions, register to receive notices of new releases and much more.

That is why the Google Play Store now opens a new menu in the application settings in which it integrates four new settings to configure our preferences.

This new menu is found within the settings, in the section called General. There will appear a subsection called Google Play Preferences that will allow us to perform four actions simply by clicking on each one.

Google Play Store Update Brings 4 New Features

• Delete wishlist:
• Exit the beta programs.
• Unsubscribe from upcoming events.
• Unsubscribe from previous registration of games and applications.

These actions will ask for confirmation in a dialog box so that we do not execute them by mistake since they cannot be undone.

This update is appreciated since in recent months the app store was beginning to abuse notifications and attention calls. Now we can control this.

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We would have liked, however, to be told that we are going to unsubscribe exactly to confirm or not if we are going to eliminate, for example, access to a beta program of an application that is practical for us.

It is clear that Google is polishing the operation of its store for the launch of the new Pixel, which in addition to normal apps will have other exclusive ones as we told you a few days ago.

This we see for example in the new dark mode that has the store, compatible with Android 10.

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