Top 20 reasons Why People Prefer Twitter over Facebook

20 Reasons Why You Should Choose Twitter Over Facebook: Do you know that Twitter is like a rich dad whose child or children refuse to show off their wealth in the face of people.

You only get to know they are from a rich home when you get close or spend time with them. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Twitter is a social media giant but most people on the internet don’t know this. It only takes like-minded persons to know this when they begin to use it.

Some reasons why most people choose Twitter over other social media platforms like Facebook is because of the following.

20 reasons why most people prefer Twitter over Facebook

1. Easy to use
2. Easy to link up with celebrities
3. Twitter requires less attention
4. The 140 character limit makes insanely creative
5. Following up live event made easy
6. No buggy adverts on Twitter
7. No annoying game invitation on Twitter
8. You get fast news reports on Twitter
9. Not popular
10. More fun with hashtags
11. You can follow anyone
12. Very easy to get familiar with strangers
13. Number of fans is unlimited
14. You can change timeline color to your taste
15. Timeline update is faster on Twitter
16. Twitter makes you feel like a celebrity
17. Twitter is smarter on mobile phones
18. Searchable conversation on Twitter
19. Twitter serves it raw
20. Options to check the preferred topic

Easy to Use:

Of all the social media platforms out there, Twitter is one of the easiest ones you can use. Twitter was made simple yet user-friendly. Though at first use, you may look like a lost sheep. What happens after you get used to it? You will wonder why you never got to know about this app for a long time.

Easy to Link up with celebrities:

On Twitter, you can easily tell which account belongs to a celebrity and you can also tweet at them, tag or mention them in a tweet and luckily get a reply or a follow back.

Twitter requires less attention:

Just like the example I gave above about the rich kids who don’t show off their parents wealth. On Twitter, you won’t have any stalkers or unnecessary tweets as it takes only a person with humor-filled IQ to understand how to tweet on Twitter.

The 140 character limit makes one insanely creative:

Are you the type who can’t construct a sentence or make a meaningful post without writing an epistle? Then Twitter is not for you. With the 140 character feature, you must be able to learn how to be creative and make meaning with just 140 characters.

Following up live events made easy:

With Twitter following up live event is much easier as you can easily tweet live happenings as it happens, unlike other social media platforms.

No buggy adverts on Twitter:

We also that for the fact most social platforms want users to get the best experience from their app, they still do their best to find a way to make more money in other to keep their work going. On Facebook, you can see lots of sponsored adverts. This is not so on Twitter, you may see adverts, but it’s not as bulky like that of Facebook.

No annoying game invitations:

On like Facebook where you get different buggy and annoying games invitations. On Twitter is no such thing. You are free from a buggy and annoying game invitations.

You get fast news reports on Twitter:

With Twitter, be sure of getting world breaking news first. Whatever news it may be. believe it when I say Twitter leaks it faster than Facebook.

Not popular:

Do you know you can easily get stalked on Facebook by close friends, parents, and grandparents because Facebook is much more popular and used by family members compared to Twitter? So on Twitter, you are saved from been watched at.

More fun with hashtags:

With Twitter Hashtags support, you can easily delve into random topics and participate. You can also see trending topics about a particular thing or somebody. This alone makes more people in love with Twitter over Facebook.

You can follow anyone:

In the world of Twitter, you don’t have friends nor enemies. You can choose to follow anyone you feel like to follow. Engage in their tweets and boom, the fun continues together. Unlike Facebook where the friend request feature killed everything. before you become friends with anyone, you need to send them a request.

And if the person in question is a sensitive somebody, they may choose to decline your request.

Very easy to get familiar with strangers:

On Twitter, posts go viral often compared to Facebook. You may post a Savage response on someone’s tweet and boom, everyone begins to retweet it. After a while, new people will find your tweet and decided to follow you.

The number of fans is unlimited:

This is one of the fun parts of Twitter. On Facebook, you are only allowed to be friends with just 5,000 (Five thousand) people and after that, you are restricted from sending our more friends request. What then happens when you have more than 5,000 celebrity crush or friends? You may just have to strictly select which of them remains friends with you so you can make room for the most important ones.

Unlike Twitter, you can follow as many people you can. the number of persons you follow on Twitter is unlimited

Though Facebook has introduced the page feature where you can now like people’s page. Here the number of likes/followers is unlimited.

You can change the timeline color to your taste:

On Twitter, the default user interface is white. But you have options to switch from light mode to dark mode. that aside, you can also choose profile color. Unlike Facebook where you are restricted to just one default color.

Timeline update is faster on Twitter:

On Twitter, you can easily update your time quick and easy without much stress. Unlike Facebook where different suggestions would be made for you delaying the time of timeline update.

If you ever want to be swift in updating your timeline, Twitter should be your splash.

Twitter makes you feel like a celebrity:

With the unlimited following/followers option, Twitter makes those with the high number of followers feel like a celebrity. You will notice that some users have even more followers than some said celebrities.

Twitter is smarter on mobile:

Now, this is the real deal. I bet most times on Facebook you wish to tag some people or businesses, but it’s not possible even after liking their page. But on Twitter, you can easily mention anyone or businesses on your tweet with ease.

Searchable conversation on Twitter:

Unlike Facebook where you update your status using the status feature. On Twitter, there is a keyword feature which you add to your updates.

This is similar to the hashtag feature where a particular keyword or phase trends and everyone gets to know about it.

Twitter serves it raw:

Looking for a savage response? Looking for adult contents? Do you want to post 18+ rated contents without being warned of getting your account disabled? Twitter is the right platform for that, unlike Facebook that is very sensitive to adult contents and raw words. If found guilty, your account is going on a vacation, lol.

Options to check preferred topic:

You don’t need to be told that Facebook displays random topics on people timeline. But on Twitter, you provided with an option to select topic hashtags and preferred profiles to follow. With this, only your choice of hashtags and followers would be shown to you on your timeline.

So that’s it, guys. the above are the 20 Main reasons why people prefer Twitter to Facebook. Though things are changing time may come when reverse might be the case

Also, note that there are so much more reasons why some people prefer Facebook to Twitter. one of them is because of this new messenger feature.

Thanks for reading. If you have any queries please use the comment section or contact page.

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