WhatsApp Dark Mode: What To Expect From Next Update

WhatsApp Dark Mode: What To Expect From Next Update: WhatsApp developers are steadily working on WhatsApp to make it more convenient to use and also to keep up with other apps. So here are a few updates we are expecting from WhatsApp’s next update

3 Key Updates To Expect From Next From WhatsApp

Below are the 3 key updates which we are certainly sure that WhatsApp would be rolling out in its next update. They Include; Dark Mode, Self Destructing Messages, Complete Muting.


Some apps like google chrome, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter of course already have this feature in existence but so far WhatsApp has maintained its light mode. Well, that looks like its about change and the change is expected soon! Though the iOS version is already working on two dark modes.


This feature makes room for messages to be deleted after a certain period of time. Based on leaked screengrabs, it looks as though you’ll be able to set messages to be erased after a period between five minutes and one hour.

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Rival messaging apps like Facebook messenger, telegram and signal already offer a similar feature, so I can say it an overdue addition to WhatsApp.


Currently, if you mute a contact, their updates will appear grayed out, but still visible. When the new update rolls out, you’ll be able to hide them fully and only see them if you choose to.

So when are all these features expected?

We don’t know yet; WhatsApp developers don’t appear to be in a hurry to complete and release the latest update. So I’ll advise you to stay glued to your screen!

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