WhatsApp For Android: “Advanced Search Mode” Is Being Rolled Out For Beta Testers

A lot of improvements are being made on WhatsApp so that users can get the best out of it.

In the past weeks, social media giant, WhatsApp announced that it’s focusing on improving the search feature to make it easy for users who wish to look for old documents, photos, audio, links, etc. accessible.

When it comes to app development, it seems like the iOS users tend to enjoy it first before it’s pushed down to Andriod users.

The advanced search mode was implemented on WhatsApp for iOS many months ago, and finally, it’s rolled out to Android users.

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Note, this feature has not officially rolled out. It is only made available for some few beta testers of the app with hope that in a few weeks, it everyone will get the update.

What Is The “Advanced Search Mode” All ABout

In a quest to improve the search experience on the app, Facebook-owned social networking app, Whatsapp has started implementing advanced tools to its app.

Advanced search mode

The Advanced search mode helps users to quickly search for photos, videos, links, GIFs, Audio and documents with ease.

With this feature, you can now search for items in the category. The feature also gives you the detailed information of the file you are searching for; such as the name of sender, date and time the data is sent.

You also have an option to view searched records in list or grid format.

Who Can Use The Advanced Search Mode?

As at when this article was published, WhatsApp is only rolling it out to some selected beta testers, and you must update your WhatsApp version to so that you can use the Advanced Search mode.

And if you have this version already installed and you still don’t find this feature, try to back up your chat history and then reinstall WhatsApp.

If it does not show up, then you have to be patient a little more for the official release.

Why Is Advanced Search Mode Only For Beta Testers?

WhatsApp made it so because they want to carefully push and test this feature with some specific people who signed up to their beta testing programme to confirm how it looks, works and confirm any bug or crash on the app.

That is why WhatsApp only pushed it to some beta testers instead of everyone. If this feature is proven compatible and working correctly, it will be rolled out to everyone.

How To View And Use The Advanced Search Mode

To use this feature, tap on the search icon at the top right corner of your WhatsApp window, it presents you with the option to search for photos, videos, links, GIFs, Audio and documents with ease.


If you want to search for shared images, videos or audio quickly, tap on any of the tabs and you can see all shared images/GIFs globally or in specific chats.

Watch how it works in this short video guide below!

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